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Out of the activities of
Leen en Ria La Rivière,
based at Continental Art Centre
many projects came into being,
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The Continental Art Centre is the location, where in 1989 all activities and projects, (created and innovated by Leen en Ria La Rivière) got their ‘home’.

This history of appr.40 years can be seen in a short documentary of 9 minutes click here to see the movie. Very detailed information per year can be found on the website

The building was till 1989 a nursery school, build in 1968, opening by minister (secretary of state) Marga Klompé. With the school came ca.2000 m2 ground. This building and ground could be hired in 1989 and not later bought with the permission to build. With the growth of all activities the need for enlargement grew. In 2002 the First wing was opened with officespace, storage and appartment for the ward.. In 2007 a theater was build, with foyer, dressing-rooms. Grand opening by prime-minister Jan Peter Balkenende. In the old part of the building is a bar/meeting-room and a studio/meeting-room.